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A Lifetime of Results Based Positive Training

What's Included & Pricing

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What's Included?

We offer a residential stay ranging from a minimum of a 5 day stay where owners leave their pets with one of our dog training specialists in a boarding kennel based facility. During the stay they will receive: 

  • 3-5 training sessions per day lasting anything from 15-40 minutes depending on the level of focus from each dog

  • socialisation and enrichment 

  • 2 walks per day on top of the training 

  • lots of treats and cuddles from our dedicated team! 


On arrival the owner will get the opportunity to meet with the trainer and discuss the behaviours they are looking for help with, and throughout the stay, the owners will receive:

  • Updates on their pets progress as well as pictures and videos of their dog during training and play. 

  • On Collection, the trainer will conduct an hours one to one lesson with the owner and their dog demonstrating all behaviours their dog has learnt during the stay and teaching the owner how to manage and maintain their behaviours at home. 

  • A full training plan to be able to refer to at home

  • Our 5 day stay includes digital lifetime support which can be in the form of email or over the phone support. 

  • 10 day bookings or longer will entitle customers to one to one lifetime support where the owner can come back to the facility for training sessions and support following the residential stay. 

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Behaviours We Can Help With

Behaviours we can help with: 

  • Loose lead walking 

  • Recall

  • Recall around distractions and other dogs 

  • Sit 

  • Stay/Wait

  • Place

  • Leave/Drop 

  • Over-Excitability 

  • Jumping up 

  • Socialisation 

  • Dog reactivity 


We have a specialist branch dedicated to helping with reactivity and aggression training in Harlow, Essex who can additionally help with:

  • Dog Aggression

  • Fear Reactivity/Aggression  

  • Dog to Human reactivity/Aggression 

  • Resource Guarding 

Residential training is the ideal solution to those stubborn training issues we all face from time to time. The market is saturated with one to one trainers offering home or local park based, hour long sessions that really do not gain long lasting results. The work achieved in that hours training, often only once a week is quickly forgotten, or undone without daily repetition resulting in a frustrated owner and a lack of long lasting results.


By booking your dog in for a fun engaging training holiday at one of our UK based training centres, you are giving your dog the time it needs, through daily repetition and positive reinforcement to learn new habits and behaviour with lasting results.


Not only that but MyDogsTrainer offer a true lifetime of support with any dog that has attended one of our courses. We are here to provide the most affordable solution to a lifetime of happiness between you and your best friend. 

How Much Does It Cost?

MyDogsTrainer not only offer market leading intensive dog training courses, but include a lifetime of training for your dog from only £595 fully inclusive. Your dog will attend a weeks intensive residential training course followed by a comprehensive hand over to give your best friend the opportunity to show off their new skills but that is not where our relationship parts, with MyDogsTrainer we offer a lifetimes support to all dogs that have attended one of our courses. 

This lifetime of support means you have direct contact with your assigned trainer for phone and email advise or top up personal one to one training sessions all inclusive in at no further cost. Compare that with a local trainer offering one to one sessions and you can quickly see why MyDogsTrainer is the go to for all your training requirements. 

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