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A Lifetime of Results Based Positive Training

Why Choose My Dog's Trainer?

Image by Oliver
Image by Camilo Fierro

Through our UK wide network of training centres, MyDogsTrainer is leading the field in providing intensive pet dog training. Providing positive results based training in a fun engaging environment means we not only get results, but have great fun in doing so.


Each of our training sites are operated from fully licenced kennel facilities and by experienced training staff. Our team love what they do and it shows in not only their commitment to each and every candidate, but in the results we get. 

About My Dog's Trainer

MyDogsTrainer was born through a frustration in the quality of dog training on offer in the UK. The market is saturated with one to one trainers offering home or local park based, hour long sessions that really do not gain long lasting results.


The work achieved in that hours training, often only once a week is quickly forgotten, or undone without daily repetition resulting in a frustrated owner and a lack of long lasting results. This is where intensive residential training can really make a difference. By working one to one multiple times a day with their designated trainer in a fun engaging environment, your dog will not only learn new skills, but remember them.


Dog training is a two part process and both parts are equally important, put simply it's not just the dog that needs training, it is the owner too and this is where so many people go wrong. Without the owner learning the necessary skills to be able to keep up the training and understand the reasoning behind the behaviour, you cannot expect results to last.


We are so confident in our results based training that any dog enrolled on an intensive course will receive a lifetime of one to one training to keep you and your best friend on track. Call today for an informal chat on how residential dog training can help get you and your dog back on track to a happy and most of all enjoyable relationship.

Image by Pauline Loroy

The Ideal Solution!

- Walking To Heel 

- Recall Off A Lead

- Jumping Up

- Sit

- Down

- Waiting When Left

- Dog Reactivity 

- General Manners

- And Much More

Image by Jamie Street
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